Numerous circumstances can cause your vehicle to be impounded by an agency. We will provide all the necessary information and steps you will need to take for possession of your vehicle back. Please understand that if a hold is put on the vehicle by a policing agent that the hold MUST be released by said agency before anything, including the vehicle, can be released to the owner.

Different impounding reasons can result in differing forms and identification needed for release. Please contact us to find out the actual documentation needed for your vehicles release.

Listed are the requirements that pertain to EVERY vehicle release:

  1. All impounds are payable by cash ONLY
  2. The vehicle can ONLY be released to the registered owner
    • A notarized letter from owner may be used for release
  3. Paperwork and payment MUST be filed before access to vehicle

*Storage is per calendar day from the time of arrival until the day the vehicle leaves. Express Wrecker Service will place a lien on the vehicles title after 72 hours of storage in accordance with Indiana State Law and we will have the rights to sell the vehicle after 30 days of storage*